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alright so i finally managed to get some time to throw this together. my pokedoll guide

ive been collecting them since about february 2014? so far i have roughly 70 of them and im goin hard. i love them a LOT and i get asked about them a lot since i post it a ton (heres my tag) so it seemed like a good idea to make this 

im not so sure what to really add to this aside from theres a whole community devoted JUST to pokemon merch collection located here. they also have a lot of guides i recommend you read cause i wanted to touch on the important stuff but i didnt wanna go overboard

note: where i was describing standard/XD/release pokedolls, i forgot to mention oversized pokedolls. theyre like 8-9 inches tall and theres only a few for like zekrom, reshiram, greninja, delphox, etc. they sorta count as standard pokedolls in a way, theyre just a tad bigger

IF ANYTHING ON HERE IS WRONG LET ME KNOW!! also let me know if theres something i should add cause i feel like im missin a lot of stuff


Tried Drawing the first 151 Pokemon without looking at any reference. Was a lot harder than I thought!


Here is a Shiny Guide I made for my fellow members at ATRL and well I decided to let the Tumblr people know about it. Pretty much a sum up of what I do. I mean, I did catch 65+ shiny pokemon by doing this.

Any questions, please feel free to ask! Hope you guys enjoy! :)

*Updated some Basculin Mix up.


Bryan’s Horde Hunting Shiny Guide

Here is my latest guide to help you guys get more Shiny Pokemon. Any questions, feel free to ask me. Enjoy and Good Luck! :)

September 22, 2014
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